Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Did you know that asbestos is common in homes with popcorn ceilings? Before asbestos-containing ceiling products were banned in 1975, this mineral fiber was used extensively in the textured paints used to create the infamous cottage cheese look.

If your home was built before 1982 and features popcorn ceilings, there’s a good chance asbestos is lurking within. While asbestos materials don’t pose any risk when intact, they do release fibers into the air as they deteriorate, which can enter the body and cause various health issues, including respiratory problems, lung scarring, mesothelioma, and other cancers.

It’s highly recommended that you have your popcorn ceilings lab-tested for asbestos to keep yourself and your family safe. Popcorn ceiling asbestos testing is the only way to tell with 100 percent certainty whether your ceiling contains asbestos.

Acoustical Drywall Services partners with Precision Micro-Analysis labs and Synergy Environmental for asbestos testing and abatement. All it takes is one call. We’ll send a trained professional contractor to facilitate the collection of a sample from your ceiling. Testing this sample only takes a day or two. Once we receive the results, we’ll provide you with a certified lab report detailing what the lab uncovered. You can then use this information to make an informed decision regarding the removal of your popcorn ceiling.

If your home doesn’t have asbestos, that’s fantastic news! But if it does, don’t panic. Our team, as asbestos abatement contractors, will work to remove it from your home correctly, legally, and in a timely manner. We’ll procure the necessary permits, use specialized tools and techniques to manage the asbestos-containing materials, and dispose of these contaminated materials at an approved waste facility. Once the asbestos is gone, we’ll beautifully retexture and repaint your ceilings and clean up any debris and mess. When you use Acoustical Drywall Services and our partners for asbestos abatement and removal, you get a happier, healthier, and nicer-looking home where you and your family can live worry-free.

Contact us today to discuss your concerns and get an estimate on our professional asbestos testing and abatement services.