Drywall Repair Services

Has a settling home left your drywall riddled with stress cracks? Is your drywall water damaged and developing a thick layer of nasty mildew or mold? Or are the corner beads popped and cracking?

No matter your drywall issue, Acoustical Drywall Services can help repair it. We specialize in drywall repair for issues like stress cracking, screw pops, and water damage. If you have pervasive damage in one-room or a larger multi-room project, we can assist.

If your drywall is damaged, it’s essential that you repair it. Damaged drywall is unsightly and impossible to paint over smoothly. Not only that, but it makes your home less energy efficient by allowing heat and AC to escape. Severe damage may even expose your home to rain, wind, and pests like bugs and mice.

And rather than going the DIY route, you should rely on the pros and their drywall repair services. While drywall repair may seem simple, it’s more complicated than online tutorials make it out to be. It’s not uncommon for beginners to take longer than average to finish repairs, make costly mistakes, or even hurt themselves on the job. A professional team has the specialized tools and knowledge to complete repairs quickly, safely, and correctly, saving you time and money and protecting you from injury.

If you need drywall ceiling repair or drywall patch repair in Northern California, contact the professionals at Acoustical Drywall Services. We’ll send out a field representative to inspect your home and drywall damage and provide an estimate on our services. Then, we’ll provide you with a friendly and skilled team that will work to repair your drywall and bring it back to its former glory. You can trust our premium quality drywall repair services for top-of-the-line, permanent repairs that will make your home safe and beautiful.