About Asbestos Abatement

Common Misconceptions About Asbestos

“My neighbor told me I don’t have asbestos!”

We hear this every day from our clients. The truth is your neighbor, realtor, contractor or friends can’t tell if your ceilings contain asbestos. No one wants asbestos! We hope you don’t have asbestos – it makes our job much easier.

The only way to know if you have asbestos in your popcorn ceilings is to take a sample to a certified testing laboratory. We usually have your results back in one day and then we can decide how to proceed with your project.

One call does it all.

If your ceilings contain asbestos Acoustical Drywall Services will work with Synergy Environmental to have the popcorn abated. With one phone call you will have two contractors working to do your work properly and legally. One phone call and you have a beautiful painted ceiling in about four days.

“I called someone else and they didn’t mention asbestos!”

Unfortunately, we hear this every day from clients too. Not all contractors have your best interests at heart. If they can scrape your asbestos containing popcorn ceilings with testing – they win but you lose! Your home will be contaminated with asbestos fibers – in the carpet, in the furniture, on the walls and floors. No matter how much you clean – those fibers will always be there.

Don’t jeopardize your family’s health by┬ácontaminating your home with asbestos!

For over 20 years Acoustical Drywall Services has been working with Synergy Environmental to properly remove asbestos from our customer’s homes. Trust in license contractors to do the work right the first time!

The Legal Stuff

Asbestos is a mineral fiber. It was present in many products used in home construction, including acoustic (popcorn) ceilings. The use of asbestos in ceilings was banned in 1975 and was out of the material by 1979. If your home was built prior to 1979 you must have your popcorn ceiling tested.

For more detailed information on Asbestos in Your Home go to www.epa.gov and search for asbestos.

Acoustical Drywall Services
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Acoustical Drywall Services recommends this testing laboratory:

Precision Micro-Analysis
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Phone: 916-456-4892
Fax: 916-456-1082

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