Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Once my ceilings have been sealed and resprayed how long will they remain white?

A. That depends upon the environment that you live in. Some things that will cause the ceilings to discolor are: smoke from fireplaces, cigarette or cigar smoke, dirt and dust from your heating and air conditioning ventilation system, and dust and dirt in the home.

Q. Is there anything I can do to extend the life of my ceilings?

A. Yes!

1. Make sure the damper in your fireplace is fully open whenever you have a fire.

2. Don’t Smoke!

3. Change the filters in your heating and air conditioning frequently (every three months).

Q. Does the sealer or acoustic smell?

A. Yes, unfortunately it does. With plenty of heat and ventilation the smell will dissipate.

Q. How long does it take to dry?

A. Normally no more than two days. Make sure you have plenty of heat and ventilation going through the area. This will ensure proper drying.

Q. My ceiling is drying and I can see dark spots. Is this normal?

A. Yes. As the ceiling dries, some areas will dry more quickly than others. Allow a full two to three days for the ceilings to dry.

Q. My ceilings have extensive stains from nicotine. Will the sealer cover these stains?

A. Unfortunately, nicotine is one substance that is very hard to cover. Sometimes we can take care of this with two coats of sealer. Ask your technician about your ceilings if you are concerned about excessive stains.

Q. I have heard people talking about asbestos in ceiling texture. Is this a problem?

A. Asbestos is only a problem if it is disturbed and released into the atmosphere. Please see our “What About Asbestos” page for more detailed information.

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