Concord Popcorn Ceiling Removal

popcorn ceiling removal in Concord, CA being done by 2 acoustical drywall employees

Why It’s Time for Concord Residents to Remove Popcorn Ceiling


Acoustical Drywall is one of the oldest seasoned ceiling contractors in the area helping people in Concord taking care of their acoustical ceiling needs. Let us help you with your popcorn ceiling removal and giving your ceilings new life. To learn more about how Acoustical Drywall Ceilings can help you with your acoustic (popcorn) ceiling removal check out the links below.

Check out our Popcorn Removal and About Asbestos pages for detailed information.

How Acoustical Drywall Does it:

Acoustical Drywall Services uses this tried and true 10-step process in Concord, CA for popcorn ceiling removal.

  1. Assess each job separately
  2. Build a proper containment to protect customer’s house
  3. Remove all non-asbestos material
  4. Bag all material for clean work environment
  5. Inspect, repair and replace all damaged tape seams as needed
  6. Recoat all tape seams to bring it to a 3- or 4-coat system depending on conditions
  7. Texture ceilings complete to desired finish
  8. Prime and paint with Kelly Moore low sheen paint
  9. Finish with a roller for a quality finish
  10. Caulk all corners, remove debris and vacuum
Concord acoustic ceiling removal

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What Our Concord Customers Have to Say

Acoustical Drywall Did the Best Job

Acoustical Drywall made our home look updated. They did a good job from start to finish. They even painted the ceilings.

All it took was a phone call which was promptly returned. I will recommend this company to anyone. I even have a clearance paper stating there is no asbestos at the house.

Thank you for doing a great job!

Elizabeth B.

Concord, CA

They’re Really Good

I recently worked with Acoustical Drywall Services and they’re really good. They did a really nice job on the work itself. My only complaint is that when they put everything back into place it was a little messy, but the work itself was great.

Jack K.

Concord, CA

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