Redwood City Popcorn Ceiling Removal

acoustical drywall services employee cleaning up after popcorn ceiling removal in Redwood City

Why Redwood City Residents are Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Redwood City is an area on the rise and at the heart of innovation with its proximity to Silicon Valley. The city is growing, and it’s important to keep up with the times. That’s why it’s time to get rid of your popcorn ceilings. Acoustical Drywall Services is here to help with any of your asbestos and popcorn ceiling needs. Get an estimate today.

How Acoustical Drywall Does it:

Acoustical Drywall Services has used this tried and true 10-step process for popcorn ceiling removal in Redwood City, CA for decades:

  1. Assess each job separately
  2. Build a proper containment to protect customer’s house
  3. Remove all non-asbestos material
  4. Bag all material for clean work environment
  5. Inspect, repair and replace all damaged tape seams as needed
  6. Recoat all tape seams to bring it to a 3- or 4-coat system depending on conditions
  7. Texture ceilings complete to desired finish
  8. Prime and paint with Kelly Moore low sheen paint
  9. Finish with a roller for a quality finish
  10. Caulk all corners, remove debris and vacuum
Removing popcorn ceiling from Redwood City, CA home

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What Our Redwood City Customers Have to Say

Good Experience!

I had a great experience with Acoustical Drywall Services. I had them do my family room and help get rid of an asbestos problem. They are specialists in this area, so I used them because they were recommended to me. I would say that the staff did an amazing job and I got the results that I needed.

Margaret S.

Redwood City, CA

We Were Pleased with Them

I worked with Acoustical Drywall Services recently and I thought they did a good job. I’m not really that into doing reviews, but the bottom line is that we were pleased with them.

Rich P.

Redwood City, CA

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