San Mateo Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Mike from Acoustical Drywall Services specializes in popcorn ceiling removal

Why It’s Time for San Mateo Residents to Remove Popcorn Ceiling


Raised in San Mateo, I know the challenges that the people living in this area are faced with when it comes to their ceilings. Acoustical Drywall Services specializes in ceiling repair, re-texturing and painting after the removal of asbestos or non-asbestos material to give you a finish you can be proud of. Check out our Popcorn Removal and About Asbestos pages for detailed information.

How Acoustical Drywall Does it:

Acoustical Drywall Services has used a tried and true 10-step process for popcorn ceiling removal in San Mateo:

  1. Assess each job separately
  2. Build a proper containment to protect customer’s house
  3. Remove all non-asbestos material
  4. Bag all material for clean work environment
  5. Inspect, repair and replace all damaged tape seams as needed
  6. Recoat all tape seams to bring it to a 3- or 4-coat system depending on conditions
  7. Texture ceilings complete to desired finish
  8. Prime and paint with Kelly Moore low sheen paint
  9. Finish with a roller for a quality finish
  10. Caulk all corners, remove debris and vacuum
Removing popcorn ceiling from San Mateo, CA home

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What Our San Mateo Customers Have to Say

Great Job!

Acoustical Drywall Services did a great job! Setting up an appointment and getting a quote was easy and convenient. Everyone was professional, friendly, and pleasant to work with.

I liked that they worked efficiently and got the job done before the estimated complete date. They were great with communication and responsiveness. I appreciated that they followed up with me to make sure everything was fine.

I had no problems with the service and am happy with how everything turned out. This was my first time using Acoustical Drywall Services and I would highly recommend them.

Rashmi R.

San Mateo, CA

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