Novato Popcorn Ceiling Removal

popcorn ceiling removal in Novato, CA being done by an Acoustical Drywall employee

Why It’s Time to Remove Popcorn Ceilings in Novato Homes


Property values in Novato continue to get higher. Having gone up over 5% in the last year, Novato properties are expected to continue to grow. With this projected growth comes the desire to purchase property at the right time. But if you want to ensure your home’s value, start with popcorn ceiling removal! That old style won’t get you far in California.

Acoustical Drywall Services uses a proven process (listed below) and top of the line paint for all of our projects. If you want a color other than standard white, just ask. You can get almost any color for a nominal charge. Your house will be left at least as clean as you left it, sometimes cleaner.

How Acoustical Drywall Does it:

Acoustical Drywall Services has used this tried and true 10-step process for popcorn ceiling removal in Novato, CA for decades:

  1. Assess each job separately
  2. Build a proper containment to protect customer’s house
  3. Remove all non-asbestos material
  4. Bag all material for clean work environment
  5. Inspect, repair and replace all damaged tape seams as needed
  6. Recoat all tape seams to bring it to a 3- or 4-coat system depending on conditions
  7. Texture ceilings complete to desired finish
  8. Prime and paint with Kelly Moore low sheen paint
  9. Finish with a roller for a quality finish
  10. Caulk all corners, remove debris and vacuum
Novato acoustic ceiling removal

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What Our Novato Customers Have to Say

Remove Popcorn Ceiling Texture and Paint

Mike and his team did an excellent job and would recommend them to anyone doing this type of work. Professional, clean and on time. Mike was a pleasure to work with.

Michael M.

Michael Murray Construction INC, Novato, CA

Acoustical Drywall Services Completed Contract as Specified and in Time Promised

The job entailed tapin gthe wall to ceiling plastic protection covering. Mike had indicated that this might cause some wall paint to come off during the removal of the plastic sheeting. This did occur but was easily remidied by a paint contractor.

The removal of the popcorn and the new texture on the ceiling along with the freshly painted walls by another contractor has updated and brought the home up to modern architectural standards.

Frank B.

Novato, CA

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